Valentine’s Day is also a party for singles!

A few years ago, restaurants on Valentine’s Day were only really booked for couples. Those who were single, found themselves staying at home that evening. Thanks to the explosion of dating sites, multiple events are organised on Valentine’s Day, allowing singles to meet new people and possibly their soulmate.

Enjoying your evening on Valentine’s Day

If you find yourself single on this day, why not plan a party with friends, people you don’t know or even a mix of both. Your party could be at home or at a favourite restaurant on February 14th. It not only allows you to be with other people but also gives you a confidence boost if being single is weighing on you. Moreover, being with friends who are single (or not) can get you out of a rut when you would normally be sitting at home watching a romantic movie in your pajamas with a glass of wine.

More and more organised singles evenings 

As mentioned previously, dating sites are multiplying and as a result, they are able to offer a wide choice of things to do for those looking for love, especially on Valentines Day. These evenings are generally much appreciated and it is not uncommon to find a suitable match. You can even go with a friend to help break the ice or to get encouragement from. Also taking a friend along has the additional benefit of extra security.

Some activities for a successful evening

If you prefer an active evening with sports, then why not organise an outing with friends to go bowling or go-karting. For a quieter evening out, a trip to the cinema or theatre with friends is a great way to avoid being surrounded by couples only.

Valentine’s Day is not just for couples, as it’s a celebration of love in the broadest sense. It’s an evening you could spend with friends or simply family. Living in a big city makes it is easier to find an activity designed for singles on February 14th.

So don’t stay in by yourself and go out with some friends on Valentine’s Day! What is better than a good party with our friends?

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