The real cost of casual hookups

Everybody wants sex, actually, everybody needs sex. It’s an instinct as vital as breathing and eating. But contrary to breathing, and similar to eating, sex cost money. Have you ever thought about that? If you date the “classic” way, by picking someone up in a bar or on the street, you must first be sufficiently seducing and charming to get her phone number. Then you must text and call and wait for a few days, (or weeks), to finally go on the first date, where you have to cash up for a nice restaurant, and still end up going home alone in most cases. Then, you need to work that patience of yours for another 2-3 dates, and then finally you’ll score. So if each date cost 50$, you’ve spent at least 150$ and a whole month of waiting for one shag. And that’s in the best-case scenario.

If your date makes you wait until you’ve fallen in love with her and then tells you she wants to wait to have sex until after you get married, now, then we’re talking budget! Dates for 2 years plus a 5000$ wedding makes, what… 15 400$!!! For one shag. Then you can spend your whole life trying to have as much sex as possible to make it profitable…

Or you might want to consider a different, cheaper time-saving way of dating by trying out a dating service! Some adult dating sites offer standard memberships for free where you can enjoy looking for people in optional age group and chatting with many different people. You might be lucky enough to find fitting profiles just like this. And then, since the deal is set from the beginning, sex is most likely to happen after a good date. Sometimes, if she’s into it as well, it might be the only thing you’ll do, without any fuss. But to increase your chances to score, some sites offers advanced memberships from as little as 7$ with more possibilities to target the people you really want to meet. You can meet all types of profiles, with the most dirty and naughty fetishes. Chat rooms, instant texting and web cam create “free” dates that can be quite fun and thrilling. Comparing 15 400$ and a lifetime of commitment to a few bucks a month for a huge selection of horny women just waiting for you… The choice couldn’t be easier!

Another greatest advantage, apart from being cheap, is the large variation of people you can meet online. You multiply the chances of getting a passionate lover by the thousands comparing to going to your friends wedding or volunteering at your neighborhood church. You won’t waste any more time waiting around for a single girl to call you back. You’ll have lists of women that you’re chatting with at the same time. Online dating is definitely the fastest, easiest and most efficient way of dating today!

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