Online dating: Top tips to find love

Meeting other singles is not easy for everyone, especially when a full-time job takes up most of your time. Internet dating sites provide an easy solution to help singles meet up. To help you use online dating sites successfully, here are three tips to finding your soul mate.

1. Just be yourself

One thing you should never do is lie.

It can be tempting to withhold your real age in the hope to attract singles much younger than you. This is a mistake, as there are many ways that other users can verify your age. Photos that you put up on your profile can betray you. If you say you are 25 years old when you are actually 38, it’s usually pretty easy to see the truth. Lying about your age will significantly decrease your chances of getting responses.

It’s the same thing when it comes to your appearance. Adding fake photos won’t help you either. Maybe you aren’t exactly Brad Pitt, or you’re a few centimeters shorter than the average person. This isn’t a problem, as while you may get fewer responses, they will be quality ones. The people that contact you will know exactly what you look like and haven’t let it put them off.

2. Don’t give too much away

There is no need to write too much or go into great of detail about yourself. This will make your profile too long to read, and as such people are likely to give up and move on. Leave a little mystery around yourself. Profiles that are too detailed are like gifts that have already been unwrapped. Your profile should inspire the reader’s imagination and make them want to find out more. Avoid predictable phrases like, “I love the cinema and food.” Most of the world likes those things! Be more specific about what you like, about the passions that really inspire you and what really gives rhythm to your life.

3. Don’t expect too much

Don’t get too excited whenever you have a response or a meet-up. Also, try not to let your emotions get too involved. Having very high expectations is a bad idea as if things do end in failure, you run the risk of losing your confidence. Think of dating sites as a fun way to meet singles, and be prepared for a few potential failures in order to minimise the impact on your mood and well-being.

With these three tips, you now have every chance of meeting some great people.

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