One in ten marriages began with online dating

A lot of social platforms have flooded the internet over the last 10 years, from simple forums and blogs, through to social networks and dating sites. These latter now allow internet users to interact with communities having the same interests as them. They even develop friendly relationships or maybe more depending on the platform chosen.

Dating sites: from virtual to reality

Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to develop friendly or loving relationships on dating sites, as well as with the other community networks. If some users are still reluctant to make the step, others have already found the love of their life via these platforms. Some marriage agencies have even noted that one out of ten weddings came from these social platforms. From now on, virtual meetings can become reality, especially when members live nearby each other.

Dating sites: convenient and easy to use

With the evolution of technology, dating sites have developed sophisticated algorithms in order to meet their members’ expectations, even the most demanding. After a free registration, the subscriber then has access to a simple interface to set up your profile, interests and the type of relationship you are seeking. From this, the algorithm displays profiles that match yours. This matching technology then allows members of a dating site to easily select the person he or she wants to talk to.

Niche websites according to the required profile

Dating sites were originally made to put single people in touch with other single people looking for their soulmate. In the last few years, these platforms have evolved a lot and we can currently find niche dating sites. Some are, for example, intended for divorced people, others are more same-sex relationships and many of them are dedicated to friendly relationships. Many of these niche websites offer complete anonymity for the user.

Protection of your anonymity

Many internet users that register on dating sites are quite shy and find it hard to go to local bars to approach someone. With the online dating, it’s easier to talk, even with people you have never met before. If they get along well, it will be easier to develop a friendship or even a more serious type relationship. Moreover, each member has a pseudonym that allows them to ensure anonymity. In addition, online dating sites have strict privacy and security safeguards in place and will never disclose the personal information of their members.

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