How to get laid using casual dating sites

Are you new in the world of internet dating? Do you feel a bit lost and need some techniques that will assure you will get laid? Welcome, you’re not alone! Many people using casual dating sites can feel confident and seducing while chatting, but when it comes to actually meeting the person IRL, it’s not at all the same. It’s very common that stress and pressure create a nervous energy and a first awkward date – that won’t lead to a second. Here are a few things you can do to increase your chances for having a good first date, with loads of sex:

  1. When you approach someone at a dating site, be positive, friendly and easygoing. Since there’s no strings attached, feel free to only show the good sides of yourself. You’re there to have fun, and so is the other person behind the screen.
  2. Be yourself. It’s a classic line, but it’s true. If you’re trying to act like someone else while chatting, it won’t work out smoothly when you meet the person for real. You don’t have to be the most good looking person in the world, or come up with the best punchlines every other minute to have a successful date. Everyone’s different, so try to feel the energy and adapt to the person in front of you.
  3. Chill! Since the ultimate goal is something as personal as sex, it’s normal to not be a hundred percent comfortable at first. But the person in front of you is in the same position! So just relax and enjoy the moment. Smile and keep an open posture to make the other person relaxed too.
  4. Be confident. You’re on this date, now aren’t you? If you’ve made it this far, you know that the person sitting in front of you is at least a bit interested in you. To keep up her/his interest, make sure you stay as friendly and easygoing as you were when you were chatting.
  5. Don’t be too obsessed with the idea that you want to have sex. This is an advice addressed primarily to men. You can’t assume that you’ll have sex every time you go on a date with someone. Never pressure your date about sex, if you’re not entirely sure she’s as into it as you are. If your desire is written all over your face, you’re likely to scare away your date. However, if you have a sexual fantasy or a “niche” thing in common, this is great advantage. Then the talk and the action of sex will come naturally.

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