How to create a sexy profile on casual dating sites

Internet dating is a lot of fun, but it can also seem very complicated at times. How do you make a personal ad about yourself that will attract people that you might like in return? It’s not only the hazard that will get you to find your perfect lover. There is some easy advice you can follow in order to actually get what you want. Firstly, we must consider the fact that men and women write completely different types of profiles.

For a woman to get hundreds of interested men in a second, all she needs to do is to upload a photo of herself. If she wants to add a comment about her personality, it’s optional and not even necessary if she’s just looking for a wild nights adventure. If, however, she wishes to have some sort of intellectual conversation with the man, she must make sure she’s writing something serious or clever in the description. What a woman must do in order to filter the number of men liking her profile, is to change the settings and chose the kind of guy she ideally wants to meet.

A man, on the other hand, not only need a smoking hot photo of himself, where he shows off a beautiful face, a cool style and (preferably) a fit body – he also needs to write an authentic and eye-catching description of himself. You often hear that “less is more”, but this is not true for a man’s dating site profile. If he doesn’t upload a photo of himself, he won’t get many likes at all. Same thing if he only posts photos of random things, or landscapes, or a blurry shadow of himself. A woman needs to be able to visually imagine the man she’s writing too. It’s actually a bit creepy to start chatting with someone for the purpose of intimacy if you don’t have the slightest idea of who’s on the other side of the screen. Now, writing a profile description can be done in several ways. One thing to remember though is that there’s no need to bluntly explain why you’re there. Most women know it already. If you’re funny by nature you can easily write a short and silly comment that will make women understand that you’ve got a good sense of humour. However, don’t force yourself to do it if it doesn’t come naturally. You’ll just seem awkward, and women who write to you will be disappointed if you don’t make her laugh. A thing that often works is spelled originality. If you find a unique way of describing yourself or a well-written quote, this will spark an interest in many women.

Creativity and sports are two attractive features. Post a photo of you doing something artistic or sporty, and you’ll harvest the likes.

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