Finding love online, it is possible!

Are you sad that you haven’t found the love of your life? Why don’t you try to look for it online. More and more single people are joining online dating sites. Why not give it a go and maybe you too will find love online!

Why choose online dating?
You may find that you work a lot and you have no time to meet people. Your divorce was complicated and now find it difficult to start new relationships. You are shy and struggle to speak with new people. The internet is a good way to start meeting new people. The fear of the way somebody looks at you or the judgment of your appearance… All these obstacles move into the background when using online dating. A visual encounter can indeed generate physical prejudices. The internet allows you to judge personality before appearances and overcome some of these prejudices. It’s so much easier to speak from behind a computer screen. However, hiding behind a computer screen does raise the risk of lies and deception. Exchanging words will help you to judge if a person is sincere or not. It will just be a question of experience to discern the sincerity and compatibility of the person you are speaking with.

Taking your online date into the real world
Be careful not to stay in a comfort bubble. After a few weeks of virtual exchanges with somebody, a first date is usually necessary. Without this, the virtual exchange will gradually start to slow down and fizzle out. Furthermore, long exchanges will give you the desire to meet the other person. Listen to this desire and trust in yourself to start organising the first date. During it, you will have more assurance because you will already know a bit about the personality of the other person. Be yourself during the date, like in your virtual exchanges. You could also realise that this person doesn’t suit you. In that case, you can both quickly move on and you won’t be wasting each other’s time.

Improve your chances of meeting the right person
When you look at some profiles, don’t choose them exclusively because they’re good looking. Take the time to read the description which accompanies the photo. The person may not be photogenic, or may not have chosen a photo which highlights their best features. When creating your profile, take the time to choose your photo carefully. Try not to use serious photos, like those on ID cards. Put your preferred photo as your main one and don’t hesitate to complete your profile with photographs which reveal more of your personality. Do you like to go hiking? Then upload a photo of yourself in nature. You set the tone of who you are and who is likely to look at your profile. In your profile, don’t just talk about your life, but also talk about some things you would like to achieve. Indicate your preferred interests to define your personality. You are more likely to meet your ideal person if they share the same interests as you.

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