Essential dating tips for finding an affair online

At first it was just a trend, but now it has evolved to a standard option amongst many casual dating sites – married lovers cheating on their husbands and wives. It seems that the online dating platforms are the ideal place for people seeking discreteness. In all times people have been looking for extramarital relations and there are many reasons for it.

Unsatisfied needs and desires the spouse don’t accept, emotional fulfillment, boredom or revenge are some common factors when it comes to why people cheat on each other. Married people often seek other married people as lovers because they share an understanding that isn’t there with a single person. It’s also less risky to meet someone online, rather than sleeping with a co-worker, an acquaintance or a neighbour. You can also search for lovers anywhere via your phone, and you don’t have to be the random lonely person in the bar, desperately looking for a shag.

Since hush-hush is the key to a successful extramarital affair, it’s preferable to use a special e-mail address and a SIM-card with a different phone number, that are only used for this purpose. Always delete the text messages, voice memos and emails you receive. You should keep as little trace as possible from the affair.

Never reveal any personal information about your family that can be used for blackmailing you. Don’t show pictures of your children and spouse. That part of your life doesn’t concern your lover. Be careful in choosing your potential lover. It must be someone that’s open-minded and not jealous, someone that clearly understands that there will be no strings attached. That’s also a reason why it’s safest to date other married people. There’s nothing worse that a lover that’s too devoted to the affair. This type of relationships have one clear purpose: taking only the best there is in sex!

When you meet up with your lover, be very conscious about where you hook up. A hotel room is often the best option since it’s “natural grounds”. No family pictures on the wall and no risk of a child coming home too early from school. And don’t even think about bringing your lover to your office. It’s advised against jumbling work with your private life, so bringing a lover into the picture increases the risk of complications.

Tell as few people as possible about your affair (if you don’t want to get caught!). Even if it’s very exciting for you, try to keep it to yourself. Never take photos of or with your lover, and avoid sending snapchats of yourself naked. You don’t know if the other person keeps it or not, and the least thing you’d want is to have a photo of your sex in the wrong hands!

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